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November 22, 2023

Holiday Bonus Deals

What's better than hot soup on a cold day? How about hot soup and un-BRR-lievable holiday bonus deals! From Nov 22 - Dec 31, get 15% OFF when you mix and match 2 of the following 4 appetizers --- Holy Cow, Spicy Cumin Lamb, Spicy Fermented Tofu, and Spicy Tangy Beef --- available for in-store purchase only at USA & CAN locations. Plus, get 15% off select retail items, available in-store, online, and for delivery at all USA locations! Exclusions apply, while supplies last.
cht:在寒冷的日子裡,有什麼比來上一份熱鍋更好的事呢?熱鍋和不可思議的節日特惠交相輝映!在11月22日至12月31日期間,當您在店內用餐搭配任意2種以下4款小菜:麻辣牛三寶、麻辣孜然羊、麻辣臭豆腐和酸辣牛肉,將享受85折優惠,限堂食,適用於美國及加拿大沸點各分店。此外,在店內、外賣平台或BP Market線上商店購買零售商品也可享受85折優惠!特價商品除外,售完即止。

November 1, 2023

2024 Year of the Dragon Gift Card Promo

Happy Year of the Dragon from our Boiling Point family to yours! Come celebrate early with the new 2024 Dragon gift cards, a perfect gift for a perfect start to the new year!

Buy $100 worth of gift cards, receive any 1 large drink for free.
Buy $300 worth of gift cards, receive $25 bonus gift card
Buy $500 worth of gift cards, receive $50 bonus gift card.

cht:為了提前慶祝龍年闔家安康,來年順利,沸點為您準備了特別的禮物:購買價值 $100 的禮品卡,將獲贈任意一杯大杯飲料。購買價值 $300 的禮品卡,將獲贈價值 $25 的額外禮品卡。購買價值 $500 的禮品卡,將獲贈價值 $50 的額外禮品卡。這不僅是與您的親朋好友分享沸點美味的絕佳機會,更是您犒勞自己品嘗美食的好時機。不要錯過這個絕佳的優惠,願龍年為您帶來好運和繁榮興旺!

October 18, 2023

Mutton Hot Soup

Introducing our new seasonal hot soup! Treat yourself right this winter with BP Mutton Hot Soup. Using a nourishing blend of Chinese herbs and spices, it's the perfect pair for chilly weather! Only here for a limited-time. Available at all Boiling Point locations.
cht:季節限定 - 沸點羊肉爐鍋。今年冬天來一碗暖身補氣的沸點羊肉爐鍋吧!利用道地中藥配方熬煮,麻油,中藥材及豆瓣醬搭配出完美比例,味道正宗。驅寒滋補,身暖了,心也被療癒了。限定大鍋,10/18起在各分店開賣。

October 11, 2023

New - Spooky Pineapple Punch

It's Spooky Season! Try our new seasonal drink with a scary-good deal, Buy 1 and get the 2nd free! Extra charge for toppings, only available in large size. Pasadena location excluded. Promotion valid in-store purchase only. While supplies last.
cht:萬聖節就是要搗蛋!沸點推出萬聖節限定飲品 - 搗蛋鳳梨紅茶,又甜又辣?!喝過的都驚訝!優惠活動現在買一送一,只供應大杯,加料需額外付費。全沸點分店均有販售,除了帕薩迪納店外。售完為止,快約上親朋好友一起來搗蛋吧!

September 18, 2023

San Gabriel Store Relocation

San Gabriel store is relocating to 315 S San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776. The old location will be open for to go only while the new location will be open for dine-in and takeout. Free boba topping with your purchase of any drinks from the menu. Available all day at the new location. While supplies last.
cht:聖蓋博分店將遷址至315 S. San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776. 舊店將會繼續營業,但只提供外帶服務。新店將提供完整的店內用餐及外帶服務。為了感謝各位客人的支持,新分店將提供限時優惠,凡購買菜單上的任何飲品,都可以免費加波霸!全天皆可享有優惠,送完為主。

September 6, 2023

Back to School Promo

It's the back-to-school season again! 9/6/2023-9/22/2023 back-to-school promotion: Get one free hot soup add-on with valid student ID! Dine-in only. Customer must present a valid student ID to redeem one free add-on from the menu. Free add-on must be equal or less value than $5 only. Limit to hot soup add-ons. One valid student ID per table. Available at all Boiling Point locations. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.
cht:又到了一年一度的返校日啦! 9/6到9/22返校日限時優惠:在沸點店内用餐出示有效學生證件,就送免費火鍋配料一份!全地點店内都有優惠!走過路過,不要錯過!*顧客須出示一張有效學生證件兌換一份菜單上的免費火鍋配料。*火鍋配料的價格必須等於或者小於$5。*每桌僅限用一張學生卡兌換火鍋配料。*此優惠不能和其他優惠叠加使用。

August 28, 2023

Labor Day Free Drink Promotion

Drinks on us! Come join us on Labor Day (9/4) from 3pm to 11pm for a FREE medium black or green tea with purchase of any hot soup. Dine-in only. Ice and sugar level non-adjustable. Available at all Boiling Point locations excluding Pasadena location. Limit one drink per soup.
cht:辛苦啦!僅此一天的勞工節優惠活動開跑囉!沸點為了體恤大家整年度的辛勞,今年勞工節(9/4)下午 3 點至晚上 11 點,凡購買任一鍋即可免費獲得一杯中杯紅茶或綠茶!冰量和糖度不可調整,一鍋限一杯贈飲,活動僅限於堂食。 所有沸點分點均有參加(除了帕薩迪納分店以外)

August 16, 2023

Sesame & Peanut Noodle

New arrival of our the rich and fragrant Sesame Peanut Sauce perfectly complements the chewy noodles, creating a delightful combination that satisfies with every bite! With the perfect ratio of peanuts and sesame vegetarian friendly, no artificial flavors, non-fried noodle, traditional-inspired, rich and fragrant vibe.

新品醬醬拌麵到!沸點新推出的濃香芝麻花生醬完美地搭配了有嚼勁的麵條,創造出令人愉悅的美味組合,每一口都令人滿足!每包麵裡有四小包,並附贈四種醬料隨你搭配!以烘培代替油炸的麵條,無負擔,素食者可食用,不含人工調味劑。美國各個沸點分店及BP Market均有販售。

July 19, 2023

Lemon QQ Jelly Promo Buy 4 Get 1 Free

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this treat! Lemon QQ Jelly is now “Buy 4 Get 1 Free” for a limited time only. Get yours today and enjoy the refreshing taste! Available in-store, online ordering, and delivery platforms. While supplies last.

July 5, 2023

Double the delight, half the price

Sip and savor with our summertime savings! All drinks & appetizers, buy one get one 50% off! In-store purchase only. Cannot mix and match. Soda excluded. Extra charge for toppings. Available at all Boiling Point locations.