This Privacy Policy describes the policies governing the collection, use and disclosure of information that Boiling Point Group, Inc., a California corporation, collects and receives from you, including information relating to your past use of the Boiling Point’s website and services.

1. What is the Boiling Point App?
fun delicious way to thank our customers! Earn points from every Item on our menu and win rewards.

2. What are the benefits of the app?
Collect and earn points and rewards, discover special deals, access bonus offers, win chances to attend VIP events, use our location finder, check how many parties are ahead, and find out when is the last call at your favorite location.

3. Do the stamp cards still work?
We will no longer be giving out hot soup/drink stamp cards or stamps after the app has launched.

4. Can everyone at my table use their app to redeem points and rewards?
Reward redemption is limited to one reward coupon per check and one check per table. No split check is allowed.

5. Can I transfer my points to another person’s account?
No, your points are exclusive to your personal account.

6. How can I check how many points I have?
You may see your points on your account homepage under “BP Rewards.”

7. If I pay my bill using a Boiling Point gift card, will I still earn points?
Yes, you will still earn points if you use your Boiling Point gift card. However, purchases of a gift card does not earn points.

8. When can I use my $10 coupon?
Your $10 coupon and the 150 points will be automatically redeemed on your next visit at any Boiling Point location. (Even if the balance due is less than $10, the coupon will still automatically apply in full and the difference is non-refundable.)

9. What if I don’t want to use my $10 coupon?
You may opt out of using your $10 coupon by choosing not to redeem points during your visit.

10. What if I have collected coupons worth more than $10?
Example: You have collected up to a $20 coupon. If you choose to use your app during your next visit, your $20 coupon will be automatically redeemed. All coupons will be automatically redeemed if you choose to earn points.

11. Do the coupons expire?
Yes, it expires 45 days from day of issuance.

12. Do points expire?
Yes, the expiration date is 365 days from the most recent date of points earned.

13. If I spend $12.99, does that mean I earn 13 points?
No, we do not round up. If you spend $12.99, you will earn 12 points. All points are earned before tax and tip.

14. May I trade in my points or coupons for cash?
No, all reward coupons and points are not redeemable for cash and all purchases with reward coupons are not refundable.

15. Will my points remain if I lose my cell phone?
Yes, points are attached to your email, not your cell phone number. Even if you lose your phone or change your phone number, you can still log into your account using your email and password.