The first Boiling Point opened in 2004 and was the 1st Taiwanese style hot soup brand. The founder adheres to the business philosophy of his home country: “Honesty, Loyalty, and Reliability”. We use this philosophy to continue to improve our products and service. Boiling Point now has more than 1000 employees with over 20 branches in US, Canada and China, along with 5 regional offices, 4 central kitchens, and 4 logistics teams. Boiling Point’s goal is to not only create a win-win-win solution for customers, shareholders, and staff, but to also take corporate social responsibility. Together, we can spread the warmth and passion one hot soup at a time.

Brand value

“Honesty, Loyalty, and Reliability”
We believe fresh ingredients are what matters
Uses local ingredients to insure auenthic taiwanese flavor, we even imported some ingredients from Taiwan.
slowly simmered soup base with lots of flavor
Simmer 12 hours with ox bone and fresh vegetable is what makes our soup so delicious. It’s rich in flavor and sweet at the same time.

The lab

#802/803 YingTai Center Tianfu Ave North Section, Wuhou Qu, Chengdu Shi, Sichuan Sheng, China, 610041

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Chengdu Store is our first concept store in china. Same rustic interior design as other store, but with Sichuan elements. We adapted French presentation with chinese cuisine. Providing our customer a brand new dining experiences.