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Boiling Point created a new concept restaurant in our Pasadena location. Not only are we introducing healthier organic menu options that are better for you and the environment, we have also developed new hot soup flavors and are using higher grade cuts of meat. We’ll focus on giving you the best service possible, so that you can focus on enjoying your food.

This location’s design is based on a humanistic-vintage style with natural and sustainable materials, such as iron, brick, and wood; natural like our food. We hope you enjoy all the sights, smells, tastes, and ambiance that we have to offer.

At Boiling Point, our goal is to offer delicious food and create a relaxing environment
for you to enjoy our soul warming hot soups.

Hot soups

AT BP Concept, our soup is still the star of the show.

Explore Our Menu

Level up

Sometimes you just need to go big or go home. Take it to the next level with any of our upgrade options.

Meat Lover

Pick One

+ Angus Beef (5 oz)
+ Pork Belly (5 oz)
+ Lamb (5 oz)

House Special

+ Quail Egg (2 pcs)

+ Tempura (2 pcs)

+ Imitation Crab Stick (2 pcs)

+ Taiwanese Bok Choy (2.8 oz)

+ Enoki Mushroom (0.95 oz)


+ Shrimp (3 pcs)

Pick One

+ Angus Beef (2.8 oz)
+ Pork Belly (2.8 oz)
+ Lamb (2.8 oz)


Start the meal off right with these delicious appetizers. Spicy, savory and everything in between.
Spicy Beef (Contains Peanut)
Spicy Cumin Lamb
Spicy Organic Tofu
Garlic Pork Belly

Add it on

Make your meal extra special with our extra special add-ons! With so many choices, you can make your BP experience your own.

Specialty Item      New Item

Sliced Angus Beef (5 oz)
Sliced Lamb (5 oz)
House Special Platter
Deluxe Platter
Sliced Pork Belly (5 oz)
Shrimp (6 pcs)
Pork Intestine (4 oz)
Organic Tofu (6 pcs)
Organic Napa (6 oz)
Organic Cabbage (6 oz)
Tempura (6 pcs)
Fried Tofu Skin (2 oz)
Enoki Mushroom (2 oz)
Bean Curd (6 pcs)
Crown Daisy (5 oz)
Lobster Fish Ball (6 pcs)
Fish Tofu (6 pcs)
Taiwan Bok Choy (4 oz)
Mozzarella Cheese (1 oz)
Original Wok Noodle (2 oz)
Spinach Wok Noodle (2 oz)
Meatball - Pork (8 pcs)
Imitation Crab Stick (5 pcs)
Frozen Tofu (6 pcs)
Fresh Corn (4 pcs)
Quail Egg (6 pcs)
Udon (4 oz)
Instant Noodle (3 oz)
Kamaboko (8 oz)
Cheddar Cheese (1 pc)
Egg (1 pc)
Steamed Brown Rice (7 oz)
Vermicelli (2 oz)
Coke (237 ml)
Diet Coke (237 ml)
Sprite (237 ml)

The perfect treat

JIN Handmade Brown Sugar
Organic Tofu Pudding

A traditional favorite, our Tofu Pudding is freshly handcrafted with the utmost care each and every day using only certified USDA organic soybean. This silky smooth, melt-in-your-mouth dessert is topped with our very own homemade Brown Sugar Sauce.

JIN Handmade Brown Sugar
Organic Milk Grass Jelly

The delicious combination of our traditionally handmade Grass Jelly, our homemade Brown Sugar Sauce, and USDA certified fresh organic milk unite on your tongue, creating the perfect beverage companion for your meal.